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An explosive new musical celebrating the royal life of Diana, Princess of Wales

The time has come to tell the real story of Diana, Princess of Wales. The story of the broken fairy tale of a Princess loved by millions. The story that reveals the lies and the deceit and the personal battles Diana fought and overcame. The story of a world icon who empowered women across the globe.
“Call Me Diana” is the story of how Diana fought back against all odds, leaving us a lasting, loving legacy

As each scene of the Royal Fairy Tale unfolds in spectacular fashion, a story within the story tells of the media’s involvement in Diana’s often turbulent life.

For one TV Journalist, Ben, the People’s Princess can do no wrong. The closer Ben is required to get to Diana, the stronger his feelings for Her Royal Highness become. His unrequited love is a complete reflection of the feelings of millions of Diana fans the world over. Thus enabling every member of the audience to re-live their love for the Princess through our leading man. His frustrations echo their frustrations. His anger echoes their anger. His love echoes their love.

Each spectacular scene, along with 24 wonderful original music tracks, and the shows unique credentials take us through Princess Diana’s fascinating, dramatic, revealing and emotional Royal journey.

Starting with her untimely death in Paris, and travelling back in time we witness the shy beautiful young woman who loses her way through a broken fairy tale. Travelling through the dirty tricks, dishonesty and the smears, the loneliness and the paranoia, only to emerge at the other end as the smiling, confident and loving global icon who left the world a priceless legacy. This is portrayed in an amazing uplifting finale to a show that will bring tears and smiles to the faces of, not only Diana fans, but to a much wider audience the world over.

Call Me Diana stage show
Celebrating the love for Diana, Princess Of Wales

Our aim is to bring a loving smile, and tears of joy to the faces of audiences, including millions of Diana fans, the world over. We want each and every one of them to leave the theatre elated, joyous at the happiness Diana had finally found, joyous at the icon, the Star the People’s Princess had become. This is a unique look at Diana’s Royal story, with a spectacular musical score that unravels the broken fairy tale, helping audiences to accurately relive Diana’s Royal years. With a finale that is pure Hollywood, we celebrate the lasting legacy Diana left to us all.

Call Me Diana - the score
Great Reviews
  • Call Me Diana musical review by Bert Fink

    The idea is a really strong one, as I am sure you know, and the songs you've provided here definitely piqued my curiosity! 'Love Double Cross' is especially strong, and I liked the Gilbert & Sullivan flavour of 'A Sergeant Major's Job'. Please keep me posted as the project develops. If there is a reading in the near future, I'd be delighted to attend.

    Bert Fink. Senior Vice President of Rodgers & Hammerstein Europe
Songs from Call Me Diana
A musical taster

There are 24 original big show numbers, there’s a few here to give you a flavour.

"Call Me Diana" website
"Call Me Diana" hits London's West End

Our Showcase performances, in September 2019, received rapturous applause and many outstanding ovations. Audiences were very generous with their flattering comments too:

  • Call Me Diana musical showcase review

    The writing is so well crafted. Wasn’t sure how you would pull off the balance between entertaining and dealing with tragedy, but you did

    Just one of so many.

We are now back out there talking to investors and producers as our show must go on.

Visit the "Call Me Diana" website

For more details, the latest news and how you can help bring this musical to life, please visit the official "Call Me Diana" website:

"Call Me Diana" website


  • Written by: David Smart and Brian Watson.

    Story Editor: Richard Kay, Ex Royal Correspondent.

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