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Having worked with composer David Smart for many years on the soundtracks for literally hundreds of my TV Spots, sooner or later we were going to move on to writing and producing songs.
The discipline that comes with putting TV ads together at break-neck speed created a chemistry which enables us to produce immaculate lyrics accompanied by a unique and superbly composed piece of music. Our love of words and music has taken us from novelty songs to protest songs, ballads, country, swing and pop. That also includes all 14 original tracks from our spectacular stage show, 'Call Me Diana'.
So, stick on your headset, sit back and enjoy. If there's nothing here you like...we'll write something.

'We Do Nothing' performed by Rob Young

This song was written in response to a newspaper article about a beautiful thirteen year old girl who was bricked in the face by a thug. Whilst the young girl underwent many operations to rebuild her face, the thug taunted her through her classroom window. Our song is a protest against the British Justice system, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. In this case the High Court Judge gave the thug a £200 fine with a year to pay, the young girl was disfigured for life! I also directed the 'gritty' promo, and appeared in it as the High Court Judge.

Global Music Award winner

Global Music Award Winner.

'We Do Nothing' has won two awards in the Global Music Awards. It got a Bronze in the Protest Songs category, and a Bronze in the Best Lyrics/Songwriting category.

'Our Finest Hour'

This is our second attempt at an England World Cup song. Using the cliché of the British Bulldog speaking in the voice of Sir Winston Churchill. We had a very limited budget, therefore I directed friends and family to portray a winning party atmosphere. Such a shame the England Squad didn't live up to it!

The voice of Moss the Bulldog, (Winston Churchill): Brian Watson.

Brian Watson composing music at the piano
Other music

I can write in many different genres of music, covering many different styles and tastes. From what used to be called Novelty Songs through to Ballads, Pop, Swing, Country and Show tunes.
Here is just a small sample.

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As you will have seen, and hopefully heard, as a lyricist I can make 'em laugh. Make 'em cry. Make 'em swing. Make 'em sing along. There are many stories to be told through my versatility with lyrics.

I work closely with my main Composer Partner, David Smart. Even though David is now working out of Nashville, Tennessee, we are constantly collaborating via Skype or Facetime. David is also a regular visitor to my home, seated at the piano, composing another set of dots, bringing my lyrics to life.

If you're an Artist, Artist Management, Record Company, Music Publisher, or even a Commercial Venture in need of a new set of words and music, get in touch. We could be playing your tune.

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Music composer David Smart

My partner-in-rhyme is David Smart, one of the most prolific composers in TV advertising with over 250 original scores for agencies such as Saatchi and Saatchi, brands including Motorola and DVD trailers to blockbuster films including 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' and 'Troy'.

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Brian Watson. Writer. Commercials Director. Author. Lyricist

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Brian Watson: Writer. Commercials Director. Author. Lyricist

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