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  • Do you work direct with clients on advertising campaigns or one off ads?
    Yes, is the simple answer. The perfect extension to a client’s in-house team.

  • Do you only work on TV/Cinema commercials?
    No, press and posters is where I started, and I still enjoy that medium.

  • Do you need a long lead time to write and direct a TV spot?
    No, I had one situation where I was briefed at 4.00pm by the client and the ad was on-air at 7.45pm the same day. Ideally the more time, the better, but I can work fast.

  • Will you direct another person’s script?
    Yes, of course. Whether it be for an advertising agency, or a script written by a client.

  • We only have a very small budget, can we afford a TV spot?
    Let's talk, as there are many ways to write and produce to small budgets, and still get a quality result. I also have a media crew who can negotiate fees with TV contractors.

  • Would you be interested in financiers and backers contacting you to get your projects made?
    I wouldn’t entertain getting myself in debt, but if the proposer is interested in a cut in the profits of a show, movie or TV programme, I’m happy to talk.

Brian Watson. Writer. Commercials Director. Author. Lyricist

Where you'll find the finest creative thinking. Where communication problems are very quickly solved with the simplest creative solutions, produced to the highest possible quality of production, and always within budget.
By extending that same creative thinking, those big ideas which helped grow many of the world's biggest brands, into other areas of the arts and entertainment, there's a much wider understanding of communications. Direct a message to one person, and everyone will listen.
Brian Watson: Writer. Commercials Director. Author. Lyricist

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