Brian Watson

Writer. Director. Author. Lyricist

Brian Watson's 50 years experience in the advertising industry has earned him many awards, and a Guinness World Record. He has created more TV spots than any other individual world wide.
Brian's creative thinking is also spawning remarkable books, spectacular stage shows, dramatic movies, and a wide variety of songs.
There isn't a medium which escapes his ability to put a story across to the public, successfully.

Hello, let's communicate

The communication skills, which a hundred years in the advertising industry has bestowed on me, have not only enabled me to help grow some of the world's biggest brands, and create more TV advertisements than anyone else in the world. Those skills have also translated into other areas of creativity, the Arts and Entertainment.
I'm an Art Director, Writer, Creative Director and TV Commercials Director. But now I've added, Promo Director, Creator of Musicals, Lyricist, Scriptwriter, Songwriter and Author to my list of skills. That invaluable diversification is giving me a much wider understanding of the world of modern communication.

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UK TV advertisement director Brian Watson
01/ TV Advertisements

Producing high quality, fast turnaround, low budget TV commercials has earned me a Guinness World Record. I have written and directed more TV ads than any other individual in the world, at the last count the figure stood somewhere north of 2,000 TV Spots. On several occasions I've broken records by getting TV commercials from brief to on air in a matter of hours, without losing any of the quality of the production whatsoever. From the blank sheet of paper to on-air with the minimum of fuss, with the minimum of cost.

Call Me Diana musical stage show
02/ Stage

With my Composer partner, David Smart, I have written the spectacular stage show: 'Call Me Diana'.
Diana Princess of Wales was one of the greatest icons of our time. No other human being has ever had the following that she had and, remarkably still has. Even in death she has a following second to none. Our musical is a celebration of the love for Princess Diana. There's no mention of conspiracy theories or other such distractions, our show is written to make every Diana fan the world over re-live their love for the Princess and keep the beautiful lady's memory alive.

UK Director Brian Watson, take 1!
03/ Film

Of the several movie ideas I'm involved with, this is the most exciting, and indeed, as it transpired, the most dangerous. 'Who Killed The Queen Of Hearts?' is the complete antithesis to 'Call Me Diana'.
This is a dramatic motion picture portrayal of the conspiracy to assassinate Diana Princess of Wales and her lover Dodi Fayed. The plots within plots unfold as the complex planning gets underway to orchestrate the murders, and there's a twist, as yet untold that makes it all look like the innocent road traffic accident, as reported by the world's media.

UK lyricist Brian Watson
04/ Music

The English language is the most wonderful language in the world. Playing with the structure of sentences and the rhyming of our fine words when writing song lyrics, well, it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Have a listen.

Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Cricket Stumps On The Wall. 1950s London book
05/ Books

My book, 'Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Cricket Stumps On The Wall...' is a light-hearted look at growing up in London in the 1950s. Many of the scenes have been recreated photographically under my direction. The book also contains an emotional tribute to Bomber Command, and 'The Few', the courageous pilots who fought the Battle of Britain, securing a safe future, and the freedom which we all now enjoy. The book has been endorsed by Dame Judi Dench and Ray Winstone, you really can't get better than that.



Testimonial from Dame Judi Dench
Dame Judi Dench. Actress
  • Brian has produced a most charming and affectionate book about a time that many of us remember and is informative to those who don't.

Testimonial from Stuart Harris
Stuart Harris. Director Of Photography
  • Brian has an amazing ability to cover all genres comedy to serious subjects. Actors love him and speaking as one of his crew we all look forward to a job with Brian, it's always challenging and always a special experience for all involved.

Testimonial from Paul Dacre
Paul Dacre. Editor The Daily Mail, and Editor-In-Chief Associated Newspapers
  • Always highly creative in his work, Brian's greatest strength is that he really does understand mass consumer markets. When working with Associated, he had an infallible instinct for empathising with the aspirations and anxieties of the Mail's millions of readers and produced some brilliant circulation-boosting ads. In my experience, although many people in the Advertising industry talk the talk, very few possess Brian's kind of intuition.

Brian Watson. Writer. Commercials Director. Author. Lyricist

Where you'll find the finest creative thinking. Where communication problems are very quickly solved with the simplest creative solutions, produced to the highest possible quality of production, and always within budget.
By extending that same creative thinking, those big ideas which helped grow many of the world's biggest brands, into other areas of the arts and entertainment, there's a much wider understanding of communications. Direct a message to one person, and everyone will listen.
Brian Watson: Writer. Commercials Director. Author. Lyricist

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